Buy Bong Bowls

glass bong bowl

Going to buy bong bowls is not as hard as it looks. Despite the array of choices, the truth is that the sizes only fall into three different categories: small, medium, and large.

Information on Buying a Bong Bowl

Typically however, you’ll find sizing that are more specific in the range of 12mm, 14m, and 19mm. If you own a regular bong, then chances are your bowl fits within any of these three categories. The problem comes when you own a customized bong with a bowl that is specially designed for that particular item. That being the case, the bong bowl will be custom fitted with the downstem where it attaches.

Size of the Bowl for Bong

The bowl is where you put the weed in so it may vary in size. If you like long and powerful hits, then you’ll likely look for a big bong bowl. Others however, may prefer something smaller or of a standard size. Either way, what’s important when it comes to buy bong bowls is the fit from the joint to the downpipe. It’s important that they lock in perfectly together, therefore preventing any smoke from flying out and becoming wasted. As a general rule, the larger the size of the bowl – the more smoking you can fit in each session before there’s a need to replace the weed.

Male and Female Bong Bowl

Bong bowls also come into two categories: the male and female types. Currently, the most common type you’d find would be male bowl fittings to match the female portion of the bong itself. Nowadays however, it seems as though more and more bongs are being made with male portions, hence the sudden need for female bowl fittings.

Now, this is something you can’t easily change unless you’re willing to purchase a whole new bong. Make sure to check the kind of fitting you have for your bong before buying a bowl. No matter how good the design looks, if it doesn’t correspond with your desired fitting, then it wouldn’t work at all.

Design and Material

bong bowls

Like downstems, you’ll find that bong bowls also come with different styles and material. The most common is glass, although it’s not unusual to find metal bowls and even wooden ones, depending on the material of the bong itself. If you’re buying a separate bowl, it makes sense to match it with the material of the bong you currently own.

All in all, buying a bong bowl is not that hard and thanks to the internet – incredibly fun. Through internet sites, you’ll be able to find the perfect bowl you want to make each weed hit fun. It’s usually a good idea to have spare bong bowls lying around, just in case something happens to the one you’re using.