Why I only use bongs to smoke weed

I have not always been faithful to bongs, I use to swear by the ‘joint’ as it was easy to create and allowed me to make the most out of my herb. I had tried various weed pipes made from glass but I never enjoyed them at all, because of this I never gave any thought into glass bongs or even plastic for that matter. I had coughed badly from these weed pipes and it was enough to put me off for years. But what a fool I was, I had no idea that bongs incorporated water; I had used a hookah pipe before but I did not realize how similar this was to a bong. All this changed one night round my friends, he had recently purchased some bongs that he was eager to try. As soon as I saw him pour some cold water in and throw in a few ice cubes my attention was strong.

I asked my friend how the smoke tasted/felt with and without the ice in the bongs neck, he said it made a decent difference but even without them the smoke was nicer than that from a joint. It had been a few years so I coughed from a weed pipe so I decided to join the que and prepare myself for a bong hit. I wasn’t a young fool this time so I didn’t go over the top and take a monster hit and guess what, I really enjoyed it! I took some drags on my joint again after and realized how hot the smoke actually was. When you are use to using joints it is easy to forget that the smoke is extremely hot; and think what that is doing to your insides! As my friend had quite a few bongs he let me use it for the night and even sold it to me for a really good price. Ever since then I have strictly used bongs to smoke my weed, every now and again if I am out on a walk I will take a joint, but it is not often I use them now.

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What I love about bongs the most

From the first moment I picked that baby up it felt special to me. My friend quite a few different materials and asked me whether I wanted to use a plastic bong or a glass one. I asked what he recommended and he told me glass was the best option as the smoke from a plastic pipe didn’t taste as nice in comparison. I actually felt quite good that he trusted me with his glass as I knew it meant a lot to him, so I was extra careful!
When I sucked the top of the bong and heard those bubbles rising through the chamber I felt like the coolest person who had ever lived. Seeing through the glass and watching all the smoke rise looked amazing. Knowing that the smoke was at optimum temperature thanks to the cold water made me want to take a bong hit again and again. Granted I have always been health conscious so it is a wonder I didn’t turn to bongs earlier, but like I mentioned it is easy to forget the effects of a habit such as using joints. Another huge advantage is the cancer risk (if true) of cannabis smoking. Some reports say that smoking cannabis can cause cancer but it is not yet proven, but regardless of its truth, using bongs helps to remove these tars and other bad stuff, especially if you use a percolator bong.

The different types of water pipes for sale are overwhelming

In these times there are so many different water pipes that we have had to start categorizing them under sub names. To name a few there are percolator bongs, freezable and oil rigs. On top of that there are countless accessories that can be added to bongs such as precoolers and unique, crazy bong bowls. The world of cannabis smoking is booming and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, in fact, quite the opposite. Some bongs come with carry cases such as padded metal boxes, others come with full gift sets in metal tins complete with grinders, screens and a lighter. For Americans you can buy a bong online through HerbTools.com or find bongs for sale at GlassCO. It is like a candy shop but for stoner adults! To sum these thoughts up, I am very thankful my friend introduced me to this type of smoking, for both the health benefits and the fun I have using them.
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