New generation of water pipes

It amazes me how much the cannabis niche can develop in such a short time. Since the last time I posted about bongs and pipes there have been even more advances in functionality and style. In paticular, lemonsmoke has come out with a whole range of never seen before pipes and gadgets. When I first went over I was amazed at the amount of filters they had, with over 30 different types of percolators alone, they really have a giant selection that will cater to every smokers taste. Even if you do not want to splash out and get something too fancy, there will still be a nice range of cheaper options for you to browse through. I myself spent a good hour in awe just clicking through them all!

cool bongs

One type of pipe they stock really grabbed my attention, it was the ‘cool’ type that included a closed water chamber that surounds the outer glass wall. The smoke does not directly filter through, it passes through via a glass tube. But the idea is to leave this bong in a fridge or freezer allowing the water to get really cold. After that you add your water as normal for filtering purposes. After the normal filter proccess the smoke passes through the extra cold or frozen chamber, making a drastic difference in temperature. You can buy water pipes online in many different places, just have a browse around!

There has never been a more impressive collection of pipes, If you are an avid collector or a potential new comer, there has never been a better time to buy a bong. View some of the documented points here and you will see that even though the herb is a precious gift, you should still take care with smoking it. I prefer edibles myself, but when I do smoke I am sure to use a bong as a filtering device.


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