Why Use Percolator Bongs?


These days, you’ll find people who smoke cannabis the old-fashioned way, using nothing but speciality smoking paper. And then there are those who use bowls, pipes, vaporizers, and basic bongs. And then there are those who make use of percolator bongs. And if you are interested in trying out the latter for yourself, you’ll be able to find a ton of them online.

A percolator bong is a traditional bong equipped with a special apparatus, the percolator. Aside from the filtration and purification of smoke that happens when the smoke reaches the first water bath, it goes through a second purification and cooling process as it passes through the percolator before the smoke reaches your lips.

Aside from the cooler and cleaner puff of smoke, there are scientists that actually studied how these percolators work and came to the conclusion that they have the ability to filter the carcinogens in the cannabis and deliver smoke of a thicker quality. These significantly enhance the smoking experience for cannabis consumers.

Without proper filtration and cooling, the kind of cannabis smoke that a user receives can cause coughing due to the ash content. With a percolator in a water bong, there are two filtration processes that the smoke goes through thereby providing the smoker with a creamier hit. The best part is that since THC is not soluble in water, the double filtration method does not affect the overall hit. And unlike vaporizers that tend to alter the taste of the cannabis smoke, percolators don’t mess with the flavor one bit.

There are different kinds of percolator bongs that you’ll be able to find online. And there are a number of reliable retailers that you can work with on the Internet. Some of the most popular percolator bongs today are the dome, honeycomb, and tree percolator varieties. Here are some of the things that you can expect from each particular type.

The tree percolator comes with anywhere from six to sixty-four arms. Basically, having more arms on the apparatus increases diffusion levels. Each arm carries slits on the sides and this is where the smoke passes through. The slits help create more bubbles and this significantly increases diffusion in the chamber.

As for the dome, you have small holes scattered throughout the percolator. With the honeycomb variety, the percolator looks like a disc with multiple holes that are larger in size but these two functions in the same way as the first one, improving diffusion and filtration whenever the bong is in use.

If you already have a water bong at home, you can amp it up with a percolator and turn it into a percolator bong. Choose from a wide variety of percolators online and go with the one that appeals to you in terms of style. They make all look different, some with slits, others with holes or swirls, but serve a similar purpose of providing you with a smoother and cleaner hit of smoke.


Should you buy your granny a vaporizer

buy a vaporizer

In a recent post by The guardian they state cannabis could be used to treat period pain, derp. It is well known that cannabis offers pain relief, which is why every granny with arthritis should be sitting at home using a vaporizer.

In some, more socially advanced, countries medicinal cannabis is given to many elderly people to help with pain. They were once told to smoke it but these days doctors are quick to recommend a vape instead.

I just purchased a pen vaporizer

and I am in love! Everyone who reads my blog is fully aware of my love for taking big smokey hits from my water pipe, I don’t recall ever even mentioning vaping. Truthfully I have been avoiding using one for a long time due to being stuck in my ways. But last week, thanks to my pal Tom who just that day had been to a vaporizer shop, I finally give the old vape a whirl.


I never bothered before for a few main reasons:
1. I was sure the high would be much weaker, if effective at all?
2. Being reliant on electric would get annoying.

I was really wrong though. Because I was arrogant I over did the vape at first and was pretty much blown away after a few minutes! I was taken by surprise to say the least. The charge held for much longer than I expected too, and with the option to charge via a usb port it was easy enough to keep the juice up. The interesting thing is, the high was strong but it was quite different than the feeling you get from a joint or bong. There are less ganja chemicals taken in by vaping so that would be why, but the overall effect was just as relaxing and chill, but maybe with a slightly clearer head than usual.

With all things considered I was already pretty keen to make a purchase myself, and with hotels not allowing us to smoke weed this seemed like the perfect way around.

I really can’t recommend these products enough, all my readers should buy a pen vaporizer and give them a try, I’m very thankful I finally did.

New generation of water pipes

It amazes me how much the cannabis niche can develop in such a short time. Since the last time I posted about bongs and pipes there have been even more advances in functionality and style. In paticular, lemonsmoke has come out with a whole range of never seen before pipes and gadgets. When I first went over I was amazed at the amount of filters they had, with over 30 different types of percolators alone, they really have a giant selection that will cater to every smokers taste. Even if you do not want to splash out and get something too fancy, there will still be a nice range of cheaper options for you to browse through. I myself spent a good hour in awe just clicking through them all!

cool bongs

One type of pipe they stock really grabbed my attention, it was the ‘cool’ type that included a closed water chamber that surounds the outer glass wall. The smoke does not directly filter through, it passes through via a glass tube. But the idea is to leave this bong in a fridge or freezer allowing the water to get really cold. After that you add your water as normal for filtering purposes. After the normal filter proccess the smoke passes through the extra cold or frozen chamber, making a drastic difference in temperature. You can buy water pipes online in many different places, just have a browse around!

There has never been a more impressive collection of pipes, If you are an avid collector or a potential new comer, there has never been a better time to buy a bong. View some of the documented points here and you will see that even though the herb is a precious gift, you should still take care with smoking it. I prefer edibles myself, but when I do smoke I am sure to use a bong as a filtering device.

Helpful Weed Websites

Sup smokers, been a while since I nailed y’all with some hot weed info. I put together a quick list of popular sites that every stoner needs.

News – Get your up to date weed news with news.com
http://www.lemon-smoke.com/ – Best place to buy bongs – Hands down!
Thoracic – Helpful info on marijuana as a medicine
wedmd – More info
http://www.buy-bongs.co.uk/ – Great guides on how to buy bongs here
http://www.bong-hits.com/ – Coolest stoner site ever

The penis bong is a real good pipe in all seriousness, I got one randomly sent to me from a friend as a gag but ended up using it more than I care to admit!

How Much Does A Basic Shisha Pipe Cost?

So, you’re interested in finding your very own pipe, but you don’t know where to start? You can find shisha pipes for sale here.


If you’re new to hookah pies, the best place for you to start your journey of enlightenment is the cost of getting your own setup and the required accessories.

First, you need to know the parts of a basic shisha pipe, which are the glass body and the bowl. Regarding the shisha molasses, you really cannot go wrong with getting these from any online or local shop.

The prices for the glass bodies range from cheap, at $30 or less, to the ridiculously expensive, at $500 upwards. Don’t let the prices fool you, some of the glass bodies at the mid-range prices can perform just as well as the expensive ones. Here’s a tip for purchasing your very first water pipe.

The ceramic bowls are a bit more complicated because you can choose from a wide variety of them. First, the ever popular ceramic 4 hole bowls whose prices range from around $5 to $50 a pop; these are quite cheap, but they do deteriorate rather quickly, depending on how frequently you use it.

Do not forget about articles posted on health effects.

Now that you have an idea on how much a basic shisha pipe costs, you now have a starting point about your budget. Head on over to your nearest head shop and ask if they carry hookah sets, and talk to them about the things that you are looking for, they will be more than happy to hook you up with everything you will need.


girl stoner

Sometimes I find it really hard to smoke as I cough very easily and I roll my joints purely with herbs and no added tobacco. Now I know I am not alone with having my problem with coughing and to be honest it can be embarrassing when you are trying to smoke with friends and it looks like you can’t handle your smoke.

But I have found a way to help stop coughing and it involves a slightly different way of smoking with bongs. You have most likely seen what I’m going to advise in lots of Stoner films and the name of this smoking tool is the ‘bong’. Using bongs will not always solve your problems and you should actually look to buy bongs that include a special type of percolator or diffuser downstem. You can buy bong downstem that includes a diffuser for cheap prices.

The bongs looks just like a vase in the way that it is a cylinder shape and made from glass. Here are a couple of really awesome Stoner films that you can see references to the bong in:

Pineapple Express

How high

Half baked

Are bongs the best way to enjoy herbs?

stonersMe and my friend have always argued about what is the best way to smoke herbs. I have always said and always stuck to my claims that using bongs, preferably glass bongs, is by far the best way to inhale herbs. But my friend on the other hand thinks the best way to smoke is the classic joints with a rolling paper! I laugh at him every time as it is really obvious that cooling smoke with water is going to give some heavy benefits over inhaling hot smoke straight out of a joint. He once tried to claim that THC can be removed by water but I do not believe this at all, I think it is just a rumour that got out of hand thanks to internet trolls!

But do not get me wrong, I do enjoy using joints but the cool smooth blast that you received from a bong is so much nicer. I believe that you should always do what you can to remain healthier and inhaling cold smoke over hot smoke is a much better deal on the lungs.

But I am interested in knowing what my readers think, I am going to start a poll so if you care to vote we can put this argument to rest!

Let’s talk about Bongs


In the world of bongs, there are numerous types of down stems which can be chosen, depending on personal preferences and the strength of the hit which is desired. Over the years, down stems have evolved from merely a simple barrel to become way more technical and advanced, which is backed by physics and other scientific findings. As such, this article serves as a brief and introductory understanding of the various types of down stems which may be purchased. It is absolutely important that the type of down stem considered is clearly understood by the user, so as to maximize on the advantages of the bong purchased. When you are trying to locate bongs for sale online you will notice that most shops list the diameters and lengths for your downpipe.

First to be discussed the most common type of downstem, that being the straight diffused down stem. This is a pretty simple design, and as the name suggests is a straight tube which have slits on its base that are under the water and allows the smoke to pass upward through the water, thus cooling it down in temperature.
The tree down stem may have anywhere from four to sixty four arms at any one time. The greater the number of arms which the down stem has, the greater the diffusion and percolation which is able to occur. This allows for a smoother and more refined smoke. Additionally, in the event that the down stem has more arms, there will be more bubbles produced and more filtration will be allowed to take place. You can now take this a step further by just finding percolator bongs for sale online – the whole thing from the stem to the main pipe has percolators for enhanced smoking.

The direct-inject stemless bong downstems are a modern emergence which do not use the traditional down stem tubing that is submerged into the water. This simply means that the possibility of a resin clog occurring is next to none. These down stems further allow for a very easy clean as as it is extremely easy to switch bowls and other fittings. In consideration of the aforementioned, direct-inject stemless down stems are certainly a modern classic.

The classic down stem is one of the most popular styles employed, and is generally observed in in many water pipe and bong designs. The bottom of this down stem submerges slightly below the surface of the water in the bong; however, these are more prone to resin clogs forming in the tubes.

Some recent reports state that rapper TI might even be smoking marijuana; see http://www.iol.co.za/tonight/was-ti-smoking-marijuana-in-durban-1996661

With so much recent news articles on cannabis there has been one that stood out for me, see http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/03/10/weediquette-could-marijuana-help-kids-with-cancer.html.

There are really simple reasons why bongs are the popular choice for stoners. Stoners can get high using a joint, a blunt, a vaporizer or whatever, but a water pipe is the people’s choice for smoking. When a person sees someone smoking some serious weed on TV or film, the person usually smokes it using a water pipe. Most people are puzzled why water pipes are so popular. Here are a few simple reasons why.

A smoother hit
Bongs give a smoother hit when smoking herbs. The smoke isn’t as hot compared to something from a joint or a pipe. This cooling effect is very appealing to a lot of people. They end up loving water pipes because the smoke doesn’t cause too much strain on their throats.

There’s really nothing like taking a good hit without fearing that the smoke’s going to be harsh on the throat. The good hit is why bongs are the popular choice for stoners.
It’s what the pros use. There’s a very good chance that a water pipe user was introduced to this wonderful instrument by a more experienced smoker. Everyone has that friend, relative, or someone they know who has been a long-time stoner.

This person ends up being the inspiration for a new smoker to try and take up a water pipe. This influence is what makes people think that water pipes are what most of the more experienced smokers use. They end up believing that using a water pipe will make them one of the big boys and is one of the reasons why bongs are the popular choice for stoners.

Ways To Improve Bongs By Through Proper Use And Etiquette


A lot of people use bongs to improve their experience when smoking weed (or whatever they use). There are so many smokers who haven’t used one of these things and have no idea how to make their experience better.

There are things, simple things in fact, that people can do in order to make their water pipe use a much more pleasurable experience. Here are a few tips for improving their water pipe experience.

Using bongs properly

Contrary to what some people might think, there is a right way and a wrong way to use a bong. Experienced stoners don’t just light the thing and inhale, hoping to rip as much smoke as they can. That’s what beginners do.

First of all, a person has to insert their lips into the hole. A common mistake is to cover the hole with the lips, which is a huge mistake. Covering the water pipe’s hole with your lips means that it’ll get slathered with saliva. This is a big mistake and should be avoided at all costs. Besides, having the lips inside the hole makes for a better seal and thus a better vacuum.

Wiping one’s mouth before taking a rip from a bong

A session typically involves several people passing a water pipe around. A lot of the people like sharing their weed with other people. That said, it is still extremely important to wipe one’s mouth before taking a hit from a bong. This is only proper since it shows consideration for the person who’s next in line for a hit.

The First Time You Used A Percolator Bong And What You Will Probably Realize

stoned bear

People who use a percolator bong for the first time will be blown away by the difference the water combined with a perc (aka diffuser) makes in smoking weed. It really is a different and startling experience.

After their first try, most users will have their eyes opened to new things about smoking weed with percolator bongs. Here are some of the realizations that will hit people after they have tried using a diffuser water pipe.

  • They can take monster bong hits without coughing or any tickling sensation at the back of their neck
  • They feel super cool!
  • The ‘drag’ effect and vacuum pressure feels more suctioned than a normal water pipe

So now you want a percolator bong, what do you need to look for? (also remember to check local laws)

First-time percolator bong users will most probably enjoy the experience. This is especially true if they have had past experience with joints or the regular good old-fashioned pipe. Smoking from percolator bongs is just a totally different experience and will always awaken the user. You will most likely wonder why you never tried using one before.

After trying a percolator bong for the first time, a lot of people often ask where they can get one. A person should also inquire about the different types, materials, accessories and so forth. It’s also crucial for someone who’s contemplating to get one to ask about how to maintain it. But there are plenty of guides for this on YouTube.

The Percolator Bong is a way of expressing oneself

There are plenty of percolator bongs out there to choose from. Picking the right one is not all about practicality finding one in the right size or price. Choosing the right one also means taking into account its design, look, and color. In a way, it’s kind of like buying the right shirt.

Getting the right percolator bong should always come from a starting point where the owner understands that it’s like an extension or expression of who they are. Many people think pipes are used for drugs but this is not always the case. I myself use percolator bongs as both ornaments and for use with my assorted smoking mixes.

percolator bong

As you can see from the above image, the general shape of the percolator bong is almost an ‘M’ that branches out and splits the smoke. You can image the smoke almost being given a massage from the diffusers! Some people are a little skeptical on how much of a difference these makes (I use to be one of them), but I can tell you first hand that they are more than worth the extra money.