About me

awesome bong reviews
If you are not yet aware, I’m mike and I like to type. Apart from my cool catchy phrase I just laid down, I am a serious blogger. Yeah, sure. I hit bongs and get laid, but I’m much deeper than that. If you are interested in cannabis news, glass water pipes and just general smoking merchandise then follow my blog. I plan to post often about the pressing issues on marijuana, cannabis legalization and smoking paraphernalia such as water bongs, glass smoking pipes and that type of stuff.

Around my blog you will find all types of cool information. You will find all types of gossip here. Whether you want to read about my day and general life stories  or you want the low down on the latest cannabis news, or even reviews on glass bongs and vaporizers. I plan to bring out a YouTube channel in the future and hope you will subscribe. Please like me, I’m desperate. No not really, see? we have banter here.

To contact and request anything simply email me: mrwiseguy@wordpress333.com or call us on +443345 1953954

Located 15 Swans close, Bingham, BE4 4JF, United Kingdom



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