Should you buy your granny a vaporizer

buy a vaporizer

In a recent post by The guardian they state cannabis could be used to treat period pain, derp. It is well known that cannabis offers pain relief, which is why every granny with arthritis should be sitting at home using a vaporizer.

In some, more socially advanced, countries medicinal cannabis is given to many elderly people to help with pain. They were once told to smoke it but these days doctors are quick to recommend a vape instead.


I just purchased a pen vaporizer

and I am in love! Everyone who reads my blog is fully aware of my love for taking big smokey hits from my water pipe, I don’t recall ever even mentioning vaping. Truthfully I have been avoiding using one for a long time due to being stuck in my ways. But last week, thanks to my pal Tom who just that day had been to a vaporizer shop, I finally give the old vape a whirl.


I never bothered before for a few main reasons:
1. I was sure the high would be much weaker, if effective at all?
2. Being reliant on electric would get annoying.

I was really wrong though. Because I was arrogant I over did the vape at first and was pretty much blown away after a few minutes! I was taken by surprise to say the least. The charge held for much longer than I expected too, and with the option to charge via a usb port it was easy enough to keep the juice up. The interesting thing is, the high was strong but it was quite different than the feeling you get from a joint or bong. There are less ganja chemicals taken in by vaping so that would be why, but the overall effect was just as relaxing and chill, but maybe with a slightly clearer head than usual.

With all things considered I was already pretty keen to make a purchase myself, and with hotels not allowing us to smoke weed this seemed like the perfect way around.

I really can’t recommend these products enough, all my readers should buy a pen vaporizer and give them a try, I’m very thankful I finally did.