Ways To Improve Bongs By Through Proper Use And Etiquette


A lot of people use bongs to improve their experience when smoking weed (or whatever they use). There are so many smokers who haven’t used one of these things and have no idea how to make their experience better.

There are things, simple things in fact, that people can do in order to make their water pipe use a much more pleasurable experience. Here are a few tips for improving their water pipe experience.

Using bongs properly

Contrary to what some people might think, there is a right way and a wrong way to use a bong. Experienced stoners don’t just light the thing and inhale, hoping to rip as much smoke as they can. That’s what beginners do.

First of all, a person has to insert their lips into the hole. A common mistake is to cover the hole with the lips, which is a huge mistake. Covering the water pipe’s hole with your lips means that it’ll get slathered with saliva. This is a big mistake and should be avoided at all costs. Besides, having the lips inside the hole makes for a better seal and thus a better vacuum.

Wiping one’s mouth before taking a rip from a bong

A session typically involves several people passing a water pipe around. A lot of the people like sharing their weed with other people. That said, it is still extremely important to wipe one’s mouth before taking a hit from a bong. This is only proper since it shows consideration for the person who’s next in line for a hit.


The First Time You Used A Percolator Bong And What You Will Probably Realize

stoned bear

People who use a percolator bong for the first time will be blown away by the difference the water combined with a perc (aka diffuser) makes in smoking weed. It really is a different and startling experience.

After their first try, most users will have their eyes opened to new things about smoking weed with percolator bongs. Here are some of the realizations that will hit people after they have tried using a diffuser water pipe.

  • They can take monster bong hits without coughing or any tickling sensation at the back of their neck
  • They feel super cool!
  • The ‘drag’ effect and vacuum pressure feels more suctioned than a normal water pipe

So now you want a percolator bong, what do you need to look for? (also remember to check local laws)

First-time percolator bong users will most probably enjoy the experience. This is especially true if they have had past experience with joints or the regular good old-fashioned pipe. Smoking from percolator bongs is just a totally different experience and will always awaken the user. You will most likely wonder why you never tried using one before.

After trying a percolator bong for the first time, a lot of people often ask where they can get one. A person should also inquire about the different types, materials, accessories and so forth. It’s also crucial for someone who’s contemplating to get one to ask about how to maintain it. But there are plenty of guides for this on YouTube.

The Percolator Bong is a way of expressing oneself

There are plenty of percolator bongs out there to choose from. Picking the right one is not all about practicality finding one in the right size or price. Choosing the right one also means taking into account its design, look, and color. In a way, it’s kind of like buying the right shirt.

Getting the right percolator bong should always come from a starting point where the owner understands that it’s like an extension or expression of who they are. Many people think pipes are used for drugs but this is not always the case. I myself use percolator bongs as both ornaments and for use with my assorted smoking mixes.

percolator bong

As you can see from the above image, the general shape of the percolator bong is almost an ‘M’ that branches out and splits the smoke. You can image the smoke almost being given a massage from the diffusers! Some people are a little skeptical on how much of a difference these makes (I use to be one of them), but I can tell you first hand that they are more than worth the extra money.