Why Use Percolator Bongs?


These days, you’ll find people who smoke cannabis the old-fashioned way, using nothing but speciality smoking paper. And then there are those who use bowls, pipes, vaporizers, and basic bongs. And then there are those who make use of percolator bongs. And if you are interested in trying out the latter for yourself, you’ll be able to find a ton of them online.

A percolator bong is a traditional bong equipped with a special apparatus, the percolator. Aside from the filtration and purification of smoke that happens when the smoke reaches the first water bath, it goes through a second purification and cooling process as it passes through the percolator before the smoke reaches your lips.

Aside from the cooler and cleaner puff of smoke, there are scientists that actually studied how these percolators work and came to the conclusion that they have the ability to filter the carcinogens in the cannabis and deliver smoke of a thicker quality. These significantly enhance the smoking experience for cannabis consumers.

Without proper filtration and cooling, the kind of cannabis smoke that a user receives can cause coughing due to the ash content. With a percolator in a water bong, there are two filtration processes that the smoke goes through thereby providing the smoker with a creamier hit. The best part is that since THC is not soluble in water, the double filtration method does not affect the overall hit. And unlike vaporizers that tend to alter the taste of the cannabis smoke, percolators don’t mess with the flavor one bit.

There are different kinds of percolator bongs that you’ll be able to find online. And there are a number of reliable retailers that you can work with on the Internet. Some of the most popular percolator bongs today are the dome, honeycomb, and tree percolator varieties. Here are some of the things that you can expect from each particular type.

The tree percolator comes with anywhere from six to sixty-four arms. Basically, having more arms on the apparatus increases diffusion levels. Each arm carries slits on the sides and this is where the smoke passes through. The slits help create more bubbles and this significantly increases diffusion in the chamber.

As for the dome, you have small holes scattered throughout the percolator. With the honeycomb variety, the percolator looks like a disc with multiple holes that are larger in size but these two functions in the same way as the first one, improving diffusion and filtration whenever the bong is in use.

If you already have a water bong at home, you can amp it up with a percolator and turn it into a percolator bong. Choose from a wide variety of percolators online and go with the one that appeals to you in terms of style. They make all look different, some with slits, others with holes or swirls, but serve a similar purpose of providing you with a smoother and cleaner hit of smoke.