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Sometimes I find it really hard to smoke as I cough very easily and I roll my joints purely with herbs and no added tobacco. Now I know I am not alone with having my problem with coughing and to be honest it can be embarrassing when you are trying to smoke with friends and it looks like you can’t handle your smoke.

But I have found a way to help stop coughing and it involves a slightly different way of smoking with bongs. You have most likely seen what I’m going to advise in lots of Stoner films and the name of this smoking tool is the ‘bong’. Using bongs will not always solve your problems and you should actually look to buy bongs that include a special type of percolator or diffuser downstem. You can buy bong downstem that includes a diffuser for cheap prices.

The bongs looks just like a vase in the way that it is a cylinder shape and made from glass. Here are a couple of really awesome Stoner films that you can see references to the bong in:

Pineapple Express

How high

Half baked

Are bongs the best way to enjoy herbs?

stonersMe and my friend have always argued about what is the best way to smoke herbs. I have always said and always stuck to my claims that using bongs, preferably glass bongs, is by far the best way to inhale herbs. But my friend on the other hand thinks the best way to smoke is the classic joints with a rolling paper! I laugh at him every time as it is really obvious that cooling smoke with water is going to give some heavy benefits over inhaling hot smoke straight out of a joint. He once tried to claim that THC can be removed by water but I do not believe this at all, I think it is just a rumour that got out of hand thanks to internet trolls!

But do not get me wrong, I do enjoy using joints but the cool smooth blast that you received from a bong is so much nicer. I believe that you should always do what you can to remain healthier and inhaling cold smoke over hot smoke is a much better deal on the lungs.

But I am interested in knowing what my readers think, I am going to start a poll so if you care to vote we can put this argument to rest!


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