Let’s talk about Bongs


In the world of bongs, there are numerous types of down stems which can be chosen, depending on personal preferences and the strength of the hit which is desired. Over the years, down stems have evolved from merely a simple barrel to become way more technical and advanced, which is backed by physics and other scientific findings. As such, this article serves as a brief and introductory understanding of the various types of down stems which may be purchased. It is absolutely important that the type of down stem considered is clearly understood by the user, so as to maximize on the advantages of the bong purchased. When you are trying to locate bongs for sale online you will notice that most shops list the diameters and lengths for your downpipe.

First to be discussed the most common type of downstem, that being the straight diffused down stem. This is a pretty simple design, and as the name suggests is a straight tube which have slits on its base that are under the water and allows the smoke to pass upward through the water, thus cooling it down in temperature.
The tree down stem may have anywhere from four to sixty four arms at any one time. The greater the number of arms which the down stem has, the greater the diffusion and percolation which is able to occur. This allows for a smoother and more refined smoke. Additionally, in the event that the down stem has more arms, there will be more bubbles produced and more filtration will be allowed to take place. You can now take this a step further by just finding percolator bongs for sale online – the whole thing from the stem to the main pipe has percolators for enhanced smoking.

The direct-inject stemless bong downstems are a modern emergence which do not use the traditional down stem tubing that is submerged into the water. This simply means that the possibility of a resin clog occurring is next to none. These down stems further allow for a very easy clean as as it is extremely easy to switch bowls and other fittings. In consideration of the aforementioned, direct-inject stemless down stems are certainly a modern classic.

The classic down stem is one of the most popular styles employed, and is generally observed in in many water pipe and bong designs. The bottom of this down stem submerges slightly below the surface of the water in the bong; however, these are more prone to resin clogs forming in the tubes.

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There are really simple reasons why bongs are the popular choice for stoners. Stoners can get high using a joint, a blunt, a vaporizer or whatever, but a water pipe is the people’s choice for smoking. When a person sees someone smoking some serious weed on TV or film, the person usually smokes it using a water pipe. Most people are puzzled why water pipes are so popular. Here are a few simple reasons why.

A smoother hit
Bongs give a smoother hit when smoking herbs. The smoke isn’t as hot compared to something from a joint or a pipe. This cooling effect is very appealing to a lot of people. They end up loving water pipes because the smoke doesn’t cause too much strain on their throats.

There’s really nothing like taking a good hit without fearing that the smoke’s going to be harsh on the throat. The good hit is why bongs are the popular choice for stoners.
It’s what the pros use. There’s a very good chance that a water pipe user was introduced to this wonderful instrument by a more experienced smoker. Everyone has that friend, relative, or someone they know who has been a long-time stoner.

This person ends up being the inspiration for a new smoker to try and take up a water pipe. This influence is what makes people think that water pipes are what most of the more experienced smokers use. They end up believing that using a water pipe will make them one of the big boys and is one of the reasons why bongs are the popular choice for stoners.

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