double percolator bong

Percolator Bongs give a stronger hit

Based on the smoker’s lung capacity and the size of the percolator bongs chamber, the smoker is able to take a substantially larger hit when using a percolator bong than other conventional methods, such as: spliffs and joints. Not only is the capacity greater in this instance, the magnitude of the hit is also substantially higher without the wasting of herbs.


By allowing the smoke to be cooled right before inhalation, the particles become more palatable and are able to be more deeply and quickly inhaled into the lungs than other traditional methods. This cooling effect also allows for the stimulation of active properties inside the herbs being smoked, and allows the smoker to reap more value for their money than other methods which simply waste away the substance when it is openly burnt in the atmosphere. You can even modify percolator bongs with glass bowls.


Believe it or not, bubbles are your friends when smoking throug a percolator bong, and may even be classified as your protector. What actually happens when you see all that bubbling taking place is that the smoke is being cooled, so as to diminish the risk of being burnt by smoke particles in the throat and lungs. Furthermore, the water also traps the heavier particles and molecules, preventing them from entering your lungs.


When most herbs are vaporised, they have the potential to provide faster relief to individuals as the active compounds may be absorbed in a matter of seconds as opposed to waiting for digestion and other processes to occur. When these operative ingredients are readily introduced, they have the opportunity to soothe pains and aches within a shorter time frame without having to stimulate other bodily processes.


Because of the allowance of inhaling vapor in shorter and shallower puffs, as opposed to enduring high volumes of toxic treatments, individuals generally favour vaporised treatments due to its convenience and the fact that they are better able to gage and manage how much medicinal herbs they use. Patients who have used various combinations have reported less discomfort due to side effects after using bongs.


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